Edit fields in student application form

How do I edit/remove fields from the student application form? I tried from the user admin but unable to find full edit options.


  • Hi Mohit, welcome to the Gibbon community!

    Many of the options for the application form can be found in User Admin > Application Form Settings, as well as Manage User Settings/Custom Fields for adjusting some of the language, residency and privacy options. There isn't an option to edit every single application form field, but there are various toggles to turn things off and add fields. Otherwise, what kinds of fields on the application were you looking to edit or remove?
  • Thanks Sandra.

    I am new to the Gibbon platform. Just installed yesterday and have been watching all the videos and have read up almost all the documentation and forums. Yes I did try User Admin > Application Form Settings. I wanted to hide a few fields such as the following:

    1. Preferred name and official name (First and Surname would suffice)
    2. Name in Characters
    2. India Residency/Visa Type
    3. India Visa Expiry Date

    I read in one of your replies from November, that I might need to hide them from CSS.
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