Add Docker support

To help with development and potential set up of production systems. I have branch on my Github. I did need to create a Dockerfile so I could add additional modules needed for Gibbon to run. If this is accepted it could be used to create an image in a docker hub account owned by the Gibbon maintainers. Let me know if I can help in any other manner wit this.


  • Hi Lucas, welcome to the Gibbon community!

    For development and testing people seem to use a variety of platforms (MAMP, XAMPP, Vagrant). I haven't seen anyone using Docker yet, perhaps you could share the dockerfile (as a Gist?) for any devs keen on checking it out :smiley: Thanks!

    For production releases, Gibbon tends to aim for a low barrier of entry (ideally as easy to install as WordPress, etc.). Many schools aren't running the same cutting-edge software that devs like to use, and I bet containerization isn't on the radar for many school IT departments.
  • I work for a company that does technology in schools and you are right for the most part. The majority of schools are not using docker (yet). We are working hard every day to push technology in schools and docker and AWS/GCP are a big part of that. I already have a branch with the code in there so here is the Dockerfile and here is the docker-composer.yml file. I went ahead and generated a SSL cert for it as well which obviously wouldn't be used for production but I prefer to use https as much as possible. Let me know what you think.
  • Awesome, thanks for sharing! I'd be keen to hear more about the work you do :smiley: We've been working to push the Gibbon codebase forward in many ways, not quite to the level of containers and cloud computing, but there's many neat incremental changes happening with each version.
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