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Cant add images or files

I have an installation in a Windows server and i can't add any type of images or files to resources nor student profiles.


  • The permissons for the "/uploads" folder are full for testing
  • Hi Ruben,

    Thanks for posting, and welcome to the Gibbon community. I don't have any experience running Gibbon on a Windows server, but happy to try and help. Are you seeing any related error messages on the server's PHP logs?

  • It states some permission problems but I gave full permissons to all the folder for testing:

    PHP Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\gibbon\\src\\Gibbon\\FileUploader.php on line 133, referer:
  • Ruben, that is interesting, as it does seem to be a permissions error. Have you search for "window server PHP Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied" to see if you can find any information that might pertain to this issue? I've not got enough recent Windows server experience to offer a possible solution. Ross.
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