Morning and afternoon attendance

Hi, is there a way of taking morning and afternoon attendance separately?


  • Hi James,

    You can take attendance as many times as you like during the day, but there are no presets of AM and PM attendance. You could ask teachers to take attendance twice a day, and then use some SQL to pull up information separated by time of day. Hope this helps!

  • Is this still the case? AM and PM attendance would be a very useful feature for UK schools or schools that use this model. How hard is the SQL to pull out the summaries of AM and PM attendance? Is there an extension that does this?
  • Oops, I’m answering these in reverse chronological order, looks like you’ve already been searching the forums on this topic :)

    There isn’t currently an extension that does this, that I know of. It’s likely possible to write this as an SQL query via the Query Builder. The tricky part might be tracking and reminding teachers to ensure attendance is taken twice per day.

    Another approach, depending on the size of the school, is to use the Attendance by Class option, and create an AM & PM class for each form group needing attendance. In this way, with a bit of extra class setup, you could use the built-in tools for seeing attendance, notifying teachers, etc.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thank you so much, that is a really useful suggestion.
  • Sandra's beaten me to the punch! I know that @andystat is also looking at this for some Hong Kong schools, and so he might have something to add here. Thanks!
  • Is it possible to make the attendance summary show 2 attendances per ?
    I have made an AM and PM attendance "class" but the summaries still only show a maximum of 1 present per day. If the student was absent for one session, it still shows as 1 present plus something else e.g. medical appointment.
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