Timetable Print

Not sure when the next version of Gibbon may be coming out but a thing that might help is being able to print timetables like students ones so that they can be given to students. This would really help


  • gpsal, thanks for getting in touch. One of the aims for my school when we started designing Gibbon was to avoid printing, and as such we never built this kind of functionality. v15 is coming along well, but the team are really busy with the existing list of features. We could look to add this to v16, which is due out in June 2018. Would this be of any use to you? Thanks, Ross.
  • Hi Ross,
    It would really benefit our school but with the need for it as soon as possible, but no worries i was just suggesting a further development that may benefit other schools too. Thanks for your reply.
  • Hi Alice, I am not sure we can deliver this one in v15, but I will keep it in mind as we go forward. Unfortunately I cannot make an form commitments on this one, as we really have our hands full with v15 and v16 already. Perhaps someone in the community might step forward and provide this one.
  • Thanks very much
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