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Taking student attendance

Hi Ross,

Currently all form tutors are allowed to take attendance of a roll group.

Is there a way to restrict attendance taking to any of the assigned form tutors of a roll group?

Kind regards,


  • Roman, good question. At the moment there is not. We considered doing this, but in the end the system logs who takes attendance, encouraging sensible usage, and so it helps us to have any teacher able to do this for any form group in case someone has to cover someone else's roll group. Is this a feature you would like to see added to the system?
  • Hi Ross,

    It’s an issue that was reported to me last week. A teacher complained that another teacher had taken his class attendance. We found out that it was true and happened by mistake.

    No big deal but it would be nice to add this, right?

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Roman,

    Funny enough this was added in v14 :D (just noticed it was there when updating some permissions). Check the Permissions section for Attendance By Roll Group_myGroups, which lets you set roles that only have the ability to take attendance for their own roll group/form group. As Ross said, it does reduce the usefulness of the system because often there's substitute teachers or covered classes, but it's there if you need it.
  • Ah man! I wish I'd known I sound out of touch ; ) Thanks for picking up the pieces Sandra!
  • Thanks guys!!! Well done!!!
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