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I was log in my self as a student and play with Higher Education section.
When I click on Request reference >> New >> Type >> Composite Reference >> after you submit the request it will sending a notification to the homeroom teacher but if you choose Type >> US Reference >> there is another option"Referee" to choose teachers's name but the teacher list on the drop down menu is only half of the total number of the teachers here.
Can you please let me know where i can add the teacher's name so it is appear in that teachers list drop down menu?

Thanks...attached is a screen shot for your reference.


  • Ayu, the teachers available are selected using the query below:

    SELECT gibbonPerson.gibbonPersonID, surname, preferredName, title FROM gibbonPerson JOIN gibbonStaff ON (gibbonPerson.gibbonPersonID=gibbonStaff.gibbonPersonID) WHERE type='Teaching' AND gibbonPerson.status='Full' ORDER BY surname, preferredName

    I think you may be using a relatively new feature in Manage Staff (People > Staff) and using a role for staff type, instead of the basic "Teaching" or "Support Staff". Is this the case? If so, let me know and I can update the logic on this unit, which predates that feature.


  • Hi Ross,

    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes after I check in manage staff page, I have using some of the staff "Type" to "System Role" instead of "Basic"
    It seems that i can only choose one of those option. Is it possible to choose the Type - Teaching and System Role - Principal for example??
    Some of the teachers here are having few roles.
  • Ayu,

    Sorry for the delay in addressing this one. I have just released Higher Education v1.1.04 which should resolve this issue. You can download it from our Extend page.

    Let us know if this does the trick.


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