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i would like to show a notification with a Student updates his Attendance


  • Hello, and welcome to the Gibbon community. To whom would you like to display the notification? And only when a student updates their own attendance (which is new in the soon-to-be-released v14), or when a member of staff updates their attendance?
  • Thanks for your answer ☺. i would like to show notification when when a student updates their own attendance for example (we'r providing ID cards to students with bar code) so entering & leaving school time to monitor a student. Thanks
  • OK, do you want a set person (e.g. parent, form tutor) to be notified, or do you want to be able to set people to be notified?
  • yes i want to set people to b notified (e.g Parents)
  • @sandra is this something you could look to add in v15, so that there is an option (off by default) for parents to be notified when a student self registers? Thanks : )
  • Sure, should be possible, added it to the roadmap
  • I have a school that wants to take attendance twice a day. We can take attendance morning and afternoon but there is only one record per student per day so it is not possible to have a full attendance record, we can just see whether they were present in the afternoon. Is there a simple trick I am missing to get round this problem?
  • Hi Andy, I am going to tag @sandra here, as she has more experience with this. Hopefully she has some ideas. Ross.
  • Hi Andy,

    The only work-around that I can think of would be to use the class-based attendance and create two classes for each homeroom, one for AM and one for PM. This would let teachers take attendance twice and track when it was taken/if it needs to be taken. The Classes Not Registered page in attendance can also allow admin to see at a glace if attendance is being taken for each "class".

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks. I will take a look at this.
  • It is possible to set it up like this but, unless I am missing something, you can't look at attendance records for a class, only a form group.
    I've tried the classes not registered link and it tells me all the classes have been registered but they haven't.
  • It appears to be just the trends we can't get at. I might get away with this!
  • Having looked again I can't see a way to get class attendance summary statements. I can take class attendance but I can't do anything with it once I have taken it. The 'classes not registered' option doesn't give me any data. :/
  • Hi Andy, this seems to be the same issue you emailed about. I've emailed you back, and we can post the eventual solution here when we are done. Thanks : )
  • Hi was there a solution for this?
  • Hi rprice1978. The issue of taking attendance twice a day for the same homeroom is still outstanding, but the workaround of using an AM and PM class for this tends to be a stable solution. To the original posters question of monitoring attendance, v21 will include a CLI script for sending a daily summary of attendance to form group teachers and/or parents, to help people keep a close eye on any attendance issues. Hope this helps!
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