Bug with User Permissions

Getting message at bottom of page:

php.ini max_input_vars=
Number of inputs on this page=2220
This form is very large and data will be truncated unless you edit php.ini. Add the line max_input_vars=5000 to your php.ini file on your server.

Unable to submit data.


  • Adam, this is to do with your server setup. Basically, your PHP is set up to not allow massive forms. You can ask your host to extend the value of max_input_vars in php.ini, and then this warning will go away.

    This is actually not a bug, but a feature, as without this warning, if you submitted, lots of your permissions would be wiped out.

    There is a post-install config guide on the project site (https://gibbonedu.org/support/administrators/installing-gibbon/). I did not have time to go through this after your install, but if you can find someone to pay for a couple hours who knows this stuff, it might be worth it.
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