Using a partial translation with stable version


Does anyone know if it's possible to use the stable version 13 with a partially done translation like Portuguese?

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    If you go into your database (using a client like phpMyAdmin or DBeaver), and look in the table gibboni18n, you can activate a language that is not complete, and then in Admin > System Admin > Language Settings you can choose it.

  • Ross,
    The .Mo file included in v13 has just a few basic translations, but the translation process is almost 80% done at poeditor. Can we get a more recent file from peoeditor and use it with v13?

  • Thiago, yes, simply download the MO file (which is the one that the server uses, as it is compressed) and added it to /i18n/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES and restart your web server. You should then get the latest strings. Thanks, Ross.
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