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Can't view classes in Unit Planner

Hi Ross,
I have notice that logging in as teacher, i am now not able to access any classes in v13 as seen in the attachment:

Any thoughts on what's happening?


  • Willpro, there are controls here that mean users only see courses within departments that they have access to as Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator or Teacher (Curriculum). So, I wonder if your courses and users are in overlapping departments. Hope this helps.
  • PS, the above is relevant to users with the Manage Units_learningAreas permission enabled, which, by default, is Teachers. Admins have Manage Units_all, which means they can access everything. However, you could assign this role to teachers if you wanted to. Ross.
  • Ross, funny enough I was able to log in as a teacher in v12 and perform that function. I can action and edit the lesson planner but not able to access any course to add a unit. The teacher role is coordinator.
  • Hi Ross,
    I found the error. It was on my part. The department for this particular teacher had an incorrect input.
    Thanks much.
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