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Can't upload any file in Resources

I keep getting this error whenever I try to upload a file:
Your request failed because your input was not valid.
If I try "uploading" a link it works fine so it must have a problem when it comes to upload a file!
I've already added a folder called uploads and make it writable and yet it doesn't work!

What I was trying to do was sharing some lesson slides for my students.
Any help please? Thank you!


  • I don't want to make them as lessons, but more as document files. Is there any way to upload lessons without having to select the day when I have to teach that lesson?!
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    Etis, if you can let me know in which part of the system you are doing the upload, then I can look at the cases that might be causing this.

    In terms of files to share, you can upload them to Resources, and then share the links from there. However, to have lesson plans from Planner you do need to have a date and times. Another option is to use the Free Learning module that you can find on our Extend page.


  • Hi there Ross!
    First let me thank you for your great free management system! It's really really done well!

    Secondly, I just can't upload any Resource (type: file)
    It works with types: link and html but not file type!!!!

    I was hoping I could make a section, where I upload let's say...all Math slides without any date and time lesson,just as an archive or folder that contains all .pdf or .ppt or .doc slides.
    Or another section called Curiosity where I would upload some interesting facts (example: 10 most dangerous animals on the earth)

    Thank you!
  • etis,

    Thanks for your kind words. It has been a labour of love, but we are not done yet! v13 comes out January 20th, with a host of improvements and fixes.

    Link and HTML do not use the file system, where File does, hence the difference. There are actually two different ways to create resources, can you confirm which you are doing:
    • Learn > Resource in the main menu, then using the Add icon to add a resource.
    • Working in any field with a rich text editor (e.g. Learn > Planner in the main menu, then using the Add icon), using the Create & insert New Resource under Shared Resources header.
    If you can confirm which method you are using, we can dig in deeper.

  • PS, Curiosity sounds like it could be a fun additional module for Gibbon. Do you know anyone who might be able to code it up for you?
  • Hi there Ross,
    Well, I've tried both the methods and yet, it doesn't work!
    Moreover, it seems like I can tupdate users profile pictures(Everything seems to go fine but it still remains the Question mark profile picture)
  • etis,

    Given the commonality between all these folders, I suspect it is the PHP command move_uploaded_file that is failing. This is generally due to owner and permission issues, but you said you have already looked at these. Can you confirm for me the operating system that you are using, and what you have owner, group and file modes set to on /uploads in your Gibbon install?

    Presumably their should be an entry in your error log telling you what went wrong as well.

  • Yes, I can confirm that nor I nor the students can change their profile picture.
  • Ok, I'm posting a screenshot that shows where I've stored it and its permissions
    The error is:
  • etis,

    OK, 777 should work and is a good way to start testing, but it is insecure though (plenty of information online of better approaches). So, it should not be an ownership or permission issue.

    Unfortunately you have sent an image of the error log, but I really need the whole thing. Can you share it as a text file? Think you can just drag and drop it into the forum edit and it should upload.

    Also, can you go into Admin > System Admin and copy and paste me the value in the Absolute Path field? Might be an issue there.


  • Just uploaded the error_log file
    And how do I go to Admin> System Admin?! Where do I find these?!
  • edited January 2017

    OK, that is odd, I cannot errors relating to file uploads and resources. For all those putenv errors, you might want to speak to your host: it is, as far as I know, a very common function in PHP.

    To check the Absolute Path field, log in to Gibbon, and go to Admin > System Admin in the main menu bar. This takes you into the Manage System Settings action, where you can find the field. Uploads use this field, so I want to check that it is correct. From your error log above, I would expect to find it set to /home/studio/public_html


  • Yes, I can confirm it is located there!
  • etis,

    OK, that is very odd! I think you might need to contact your hosting company on this one and ask if they are doing anything that impacts move_uploaded_file on your server. Some hosts have default settings that prevent such functions from working properly.

    Let us know what they say.

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