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  • Phone Number Formatting?

    Hi, Glenn! I've just finished up a fix to this issue. It is now in a pull request awaiting approval, which you can find here.

    If all goes to plan, this fix should be released with version 23 of Gibbon, which will be released on January 20, 2022.
  • Lesson Planner Year Overview Showing inactive dates

    Hello! I have created a fix for this that deletes any school days that exist between the old and new start dates when the date is moved forward. You can find the pull request here

    This will hopefully be reviewed soon by Sandra, our maintainer, and merged into v23 of Gibbon. I hope this helps!
  • Lesson Planner Year Overview Showing inactive dates

    Hello, friend! Are you using the demo data that comes with fresh installations as a baseline? Since version 22 was released in June, the demo data starts then. Once we know this, we can figure out how to help you. Thanks!
  • Upload curriculum vitae file to existing staff record

    Hello, Richard! This is not currently possible in v21, the current stable version of Gibbon, but changes coming to custom fields in v22 (releasing June 20th, so not long to wait) will allow for it by making it possible to create a custom field that accepts file uploads.

    When v22 comes out, the process will look like this. Navigate to System Admin and select Custom Fields, then click the Add button for User Fields.

    Once you are in the Add Custom Field menu, select Staff under the Context menu, then scroll down to Configure and select File under Type. You can then add a comma-separated list of accepted file types, or leave it blank to accept any file type.

    I hope this helps!

    - Harry
  • Invoice/Receipt Issues

    Hello, Viny! It seems like your invoices are currently only pending. You can click the arrow button next to an invoice to issue it, or use the checkboxes and the Select Action menu to issue invoices in bulk.

    Once an invoice is issued, you can print it using the printer icon, as well as changing the status from Issued to Paid or Paid - Partial in the Edit menu, as seen in the following screenshot.

    Once you have selected one of these statuses, the following options will appear, allowing you to input the details of the payment.

    I hope this helps you out!