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  • Rewriting Reports (Reporting Module)

    It's a known problem unfortunately. I haven't found a fix for it yet.

    Anyway, I'm aware of this issue so anytime I repeat the create process for a report I always do a right click with the mouse on the view window of the report and reload the page, which will get me the latest version, always.

    Works like a charm for me. :)
  • PDF Arabic Language Support

    Ok, I was wrong. It wasn't a utf-8 issue.

    In my case it was simply a special character showing nicely in Gibbon but not being part of the font used by TCPDF, which is helvetica by default.

    @andystat informed me that choosing the right font is important. In your case helvetica seems not to work, which is not surprising.

    There are a number of fonts available in TCPDF. You will find them in the fonts folder which is vendor/tecnickcom/tcpdf/fonts.

    You should be able to find one that can work for you. Good luck :)
  • How to show Height,Weight and Attendance Details in Student's Profile?

    Did you have a closer look at custom fields?

    Admin> User Admin> User Management> Manage Custom Fields

    Custom Fields will show in Personal> Personal

  • Cannot install error "Your request failed because you do not have access to this action."

    Can you have a look at your apache and php logs?
  • Demo Data

    It's a little tricky to get the concept unfortunately. It's probably the toughest part of Gibbon.

    Anyway, we all went through it probably cursing a lot. Today I value the flexibility such a system offers, e.g. the possibility of having multiple day structures for a particular date, which is rather cool. But enough, I don't want to confuse you more :)

    The "Tie Days To Dates" step is in fact just a part of the whole timetabling setup. You can find out more here:

    "Days" in this context refers to a day structure. Therefore it's not naturally tied and you must tell Gibbon which day structure to use for each date.

    If you have the same day structure for every school day things become very easy for you tho :)

    You have demo data available so playing around with it should help you to get your bearings rather quickly.

    Good luck :)