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  • Students monthly salaries

    Hi khalidaou, this does sounds like a unique case. Gibbon could likely help generate the report for each students attendance, but couldn't necessarily handle the payment itself.

    The Attendance Summary by Date report lets you enter a date range, so you could use it to generate an attendance report per month.

    Optionally, the finance module lets you setup custom fee categories and fees, and can issue invoices with a negative dollar amount, this may be one way to help track their payment (the actual payment itself would need to be made outside Gibbon though).

    Hope this helps!
  • Send email Via amazon SES service failed due to ssl and tsl field

    @admin I wonder if rather than hard-coding the hosts used to determine which SMTPSecure value to use, we add it as an option in the SMTP settings. That way administrators can select the ssl or tls setting they need, defaulted to off. This may offer more flexibility than pre-loading a list of known hosts.
  • Auto logout broken?

    @admin @meierrom Sounds like a fair use-case for shared computers. We could perhaps keep the default, but lower the minimum value validation in System Setting to 5 minutes?
  • Data Admin/File Import Family Relationship

    Hi Ghulam,

    The order looks something like:
    - Import Users
    - Import Family (with a unique Family Sync Key)
    - Import Family - Adults
    - Import Family - Children
    - Import Family - Relationships

    This is possibly one of the more complex parts of Gibbon to get initially imported (next to timetables). Not all the fields are required though, so for a minimum you just need:

    - Adults: sync key + parent username + contact priority
    - Children: sync key + student username
    - Relationships: sync key + parent username + child username

    Hope this helps!
  • Modifying Module Actions (Sidebar)

    Ah, this one's not in the source either, it's a setting on your server. The max_input_vars setting can be found in your php.ini file on your server (where exactly may depend on your setup). You could also try adding this line to the the .htaccess file in the Gibbon root folder:

    php_value max_input_vars 7000

    Otherwise, you can also use the Filters at the top of the permission page to select a single module. This will greatly reduce the number of inputs, and chances are you'll see the submit button.

    Hope this helps!

    *edit* looks like Ross got here first :smiley: