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  • Timetable Print

    Hi dgago,

    It's not available as of yet. We currently have our hands full with some ongoing changes to the core, but would welcome anyone in the community who wished to add this feature.

    As a quick workaround, if you browse to Timetable > View Timetable by Person and select a student, you can change the index.php in the url to fullscreen.php and it will give you a single-page copy of the student's timetable that you could then print through your browser.

    Hope this helps!
  • Question regarding „Sync Course Enrolment“ III

    Hi Roman, sounds like some usability improvements that couldn’t hurt to add. The sync generally gets setup once a year for my schools, so I haven’t spent much additional time optimizing the dropdowns, but you’re more than welcome to PR any improvements you feel would benefit the core :smiley:
  • Question regarding „Sync Course Enrolment“ II

    Hello again,

    Yep, automatic enrollment is part of the sync feature, and occurrs in the situations you’ve mentioned, as well as optionally during the student application acceptance process. In this case, when adding a student to a form group that has a sync setup it’ll auto-enrol them in the specified courses. This can certainly help save time in any situations where there’s a 1-1 correlation between the form group they’re in and the class they take. The sync is selective (with checkboxes), so you can have some classes automatically added, and then use Course Enrolment by Person to manually add classes too.
  • Question regarding „Sync Course Enrolment“ I

    Hi Roman, I designed the sync feature so I’m happy to help answer your questions.

    In some schools, especially the younger grades, students take courses together as a form group. In these cases, the feature lets you setup a sync to say “Enrol every Gr5.1 student in Gr5Language.1, Gr5Science.1, Gr5Math.1, etc” The sync is selective, so it won’t mess up your courses, it’ll only apply the sync to the selected classes/form groups, and (unless auto-enroll is turned on), it’ll only sync when you click the action. On the sync screen you have the option to preview the students and classes being synced before submitting.
  • Question regarding string replacements

    Hi Roman,

    The strings for each script in Gibbon are written in en_GB by default, so no translation files are required to use them, and if translations are missing this is the fallback locale that is displayed. This may help explain the behaviour you're seeing.

    That sounds like a pretty frustrating bug/limitation for WAMP. I guess this means you can only have one language available at a time, by pre-selecing it in Windows config? :/ If you come across any solutions to this please let us know so we can add this to the docs for other wamp users.