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  • Omnipay gateway module

    Hi Ibraheem, sounds like a great initiative and a welcome improvement :smiley:

    It looks like the payment functionality is currently used in two locations: /modules/Students/applicationForm.php for application fees and /modules/Finance/invoices_payOnline.php for paying invoices. I haven't used the PayPal functionality myself, so I'm not as familiar with that part of the code, but I know it's in use at Ross' school and likely several others. An ideal solution would add in the Omnipay library without interrupting the current use of PayPal.

    Feel free to send an email to and we'll send you an invite to our developer Slack channel. We'd be happy to help provide some guidance as you dive into the codebase and figure things out.
  • HTTP Error 500

    Hi Ghulam,

    It looks like your vendor folder may either be missing or not readable by the server. It is located in the root of your Gibbon install, and should have file permissions for the system to access it (often 0755 for folders and 0644 for files).
  • Change of behavior of fast finder

    Hi Roman,

    Looks like that part of the system was refactored back in v13. I think searching "actions" may have been a side-effect of how the token search works, rather than intended functionality. The downside was that any class or user with substrings in their name that overlapped with the words "action", "class", "staff" were nearly un-searchable because of the number of other strings that matched it. When that piece of the code was refactored, it was replaced with an AJAX-based search, which excludes the prefixes on the token text. I'm tempted to say because of the downsides of the old behaviour we're not likely to change it for the core, but you could always edit the index_fastFinder_ajax.php script if it's something you wish to keep.

  • Add students without an application

    Hi Chris, welcome to the Gibbon community :smiley:

    There's a couple different ways to enter students in the system:

    - You can enter them manually by creating a User account, then in People > Student Enrolment you'll need to enrol them in the current school year for them to show up as students to be assigned to classes, etc.

    - Entering them through the Student Application can be a bit more time-consuming because it's a longer form, but the handy thing is it takes care of a lot of the other setup for a new student: it creates their account, parent accounts, family, connects the family together, generates usernames, and can enrol them automatically in the current year if a Form Group is selected in the application form.

    - If you're migrating data from another system, the spreadsheet import options may also be useful here. They can be found in System Admin > Import from File. Each of the user account, family info, enrolment, etc. has an associated import available. The importer accepts csv, excel and open document formats, and has a multi-step process to help verify and upload all your data.

    Hope this helps!
  • How to enroll a course into a roll group

    Hi ogol,

    Yep, you can bulk import student enrolments with a csv or excel file. Go to System Admin > Import from File, then look for the Students - Student Enrolment option. If you click the Export Columns button it'll give you a blank spreadsheet with the columns used in that import.