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  • SMS with login details

    Hi Roman,

    The permissions system is pretty granular, you can give users access to a single action in the User Admin module without giving them access to the rest of the module.

    I think it sounds like a user-related feature, so putting it in this module could possibly make sense for the wider number of schools using Gibbon. You could potentially tweak an action manually in your database to relocate it if needed for your particular school.
  • Automatic student numbers & staff

    Hi cmadamombe, welcome to the Gibbon community! :smiley:

    1. Users who are teachers will only show up in the fast finder if they've been added as a Staff member. Similarly, students will only show up once they've been enrolled in the current school year. This helps to differentiate users, who can have a variety of roles and permissions in the system, from actual staff and students, who have additional info and profiles pertaining to their needs.

    2. The automatic username generation can be found in Manage User Settings > Edit Username Format. Here's an example of settings for an incrementing 4 digit number:

    3. Right now there isn't a tool to automaticly generate student numbers. What I've done at our school is set the student ID and username are both the same, and once the username is generated we copy it into the student ID field.

    Hope this helps!
  • Tie Days to Dates

    Best of luck! If you have a picture or screenshot, a visual might help explain what you're looking to accomplish. There's a fair bit of complexity in the timetabling system, but that tends to mean it can also handle a wide range of use cases.
  • Gibbon 17 Not Loading (Complete Non-functionality)

    Hi Ernest,

    Looks like it's tripping over the ?? null-coalesce operator, which is a PHP 7 feature. This seems to indicate that it's running a PHP version that is less than PHP 7. On a shared hosting provider it's possible that there are multiple versions available, or the one reported on the command line is not the one running on the webserver. One way to test this would be to can you create a phpinfo page ( and see what it reports.
  • addNumber breaks liveValidation in some cases

    Hi Roman,

    I tested out your code and discovered the error luckily isn't with LiveValidation, which as you noted seems to be working and prevents submission, but happens to be a css rule that was added to help fix an issue with overlapping validation messages inside a phone number:
    input[name*="phone"] ~ .LV_invalid

    Incidentally, the Form class does have specialized phone number inputs for this case, rather than using addNumber('phone'). As it so happens, we've made some pretty major changes to the form rendering in v18, and this issue appears to no longer exist for the upcoming version.