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  • Time table admin, User Admin System admin Missing under the admin section for Admin user

    Hi Paschal,

    It sounds like some of your permissions failed to save. Try running the following SQL (via something like phpMyAdmin):

    INSERT INTO `gibbonPermission`(`gibbonRoleID`, `gibbonActionID`) VALUES (001, (SELECT gibbonActionID FROM gibbonAction WHERE"Manage Permissions"));

    This will give your Administrator role access to your URL + index.php?q=/modules/User Admin/permission_manage.php. From there you should be able to add the missing permissions back in.

    One way to prevent server hang-ups in the future is to edit one module at a time. To do this, use the filters at the top of the permission page, and select a single module to edit. Then at least only a single module is affected at a time.

    Hope this helps!
  • Using Data Admin to create timetable column rows

    Hi dcowens76,

    Yep, uploading the timetable via spreadsheet can save a lot of time, that's what we do in my school too. In this case, the gibbonTTColumnID refers not to the Timetable itself, but to the Columns that are setup in Timetable Admin > Manage Columns, and luckily these to carry over from year to year.

    As of v17 there are some built-in import options in System Admin > Import From File. This includes a "Timetable - Complete" option which is a bit fancier than the one in Data Admin and requires less data (such as gibbonTTColumnIDs).

    Hope this helps!
  • edit footer

    Hi jatinrku,

    Gibbon is open source, and freely available to use and modify, however it is still protected under the GPL license. For legal reasons, we are keen that the footer retains the information you currently see in it. This allows us to more easily assert our copyright on the codebase we have built, whilst also letting people know that they can use the system.

  • Reset Overall House Points to Zero

    Good question, I don't think it's a built-in option right now. The original module was created by Andy Statham, however I am currently maintaining a fork to continue updating this module to work with the current Gibbon version since my school requires it. I'll see if I can add an archive feature to the overall points since my school will need this option as well. I'll update this thread when/if I'm able to add this feature.
  • Setup proccdure

    Hi Martin,

    Documentation is something we're always in need of, and very appreciative of any help to update and add to them. :smiley: If you're familiar with GitHub, the documentation site is open source, and can receive pull requests to update or add markdown-formatted documents. Feel free to give a shout with questions along the way, we're happy to help fill in any missing details.