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  • Documentation in PDF

    Hi Ghulam,

    When you're on any main docs page, such as, scroll to the bottom and click Printable Page. From here you can get a single page copy of all the docs for that section. If you click Print in your browser, it likely has a Save as PDF option, which you can use to save the docs as a PDF.

    Hope this helps!
  • Collapsible in smartBlocks

    Hi Stefan. I think you may be able to use the html details element to add this to your smart blocks with no additional scripting.

    You would just need to add them as allowable tags for TinyMCE, which could be added via MySQL with something like:
    UPDATE `gibbonSetting` SET `value` = CONCAT(value, ',details[style|class],summary[style|class]') WHERE `gibbonSetting`.`name` = 'allowableHTML';
  • Calendar

    Ah shoot, looks like the updater needs extra slashes, this is the correct code for the updater:

    However if you're running it through something like phpMyAdmin, there's only two slashes on the decimal pattern:
    UPDATE `gibboni18n` SET `dateFormatRegEx` = '/^(0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])[- /.](0[1-9]|1[012])[- /.](19|20)\\d\\d$/i' WHERE gibboni18n.code = 'pl_PL';
  • Bug in receipt emailing

    Nice detective work! :smiley: Yes, it looks like it was a combination of the setPaymentLog needing to be before the email sending, and an off-by-one error of the $receiptNumber being used as an index (starting at 0), but provided as a count (starting at 1).

    As luck would have it, Jian must have also encountered the bug and had submitted a PR with the fix. I've merged it into v19, be sure to test it out and give a shout if it's still not working (you can also apply these changes line-by-line back to v18 as needed).

  • Time table admin, User Admin System admin Missing under the admin section for Admin user

    Hi Paschal,

    It sounds like some of your permissions failed to save. Try running the following SQL (via something like phpMyAdmin):

    INSERT INTO `gibbonPermission`(`gibbonRoleID`, `gibbonActionID`) VALUES (001, (SELECT gibbonActionID FROM gibbonAction WHERE"Manage Permissions"));

    This will give your Administrator role access to your URL + index.php?q=/modules/User Admin/permission_manage.php. From there you should be able to add the missing permissions back in.

    One way to prevent server hang-ups in the future is to edit one module at a time. To do this, use the filters at the top of the permission page, and select a single module to edit. Then at least only a single module is affected at a time.

    Hope this helps!