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  • Page Border in Reports

    Hi Kelvin,

    This can be a bit tricky, because there's no body tag on the PDF. If you're using the mPDF Renderer it is possible. If you add the following snippet to your header, it will add a floating border to the whole page (absolutely positioned). It needs to be on the header so that it doesn't wrap from one page to the next. Adjust the border and size as needed:
    <div style="position: absolute; top: 5mm; left: 5mm; width: 200mm; height: 287mm; border: 2pt solid #666666;"></div>
  • student not enrolled through publicRegistration

    Hi Abdulfattah, if you're using the public registration for student enrolment, your workflow of updating the student status and then enrolling the student makes sense. This would be taken care of automatically with the application form, however as you've mentioned there are many other parts of the application you do not need, so your workaround is likely the best bet.
  • Reports - Importing

    Hi Tieku,

    I did a test myself and it worked as expected. However, with some more checking, I was able to spot the issue: it looks like the percent grade scale uses percent signs for each of the values. So, when importing a value for that grade scale, for it to correctly match with the gibbonScaleGradeID in the database, your Value column will also need percent signs.

    Hope this helps!
  • Reports and Markbooks

    As a note, I've added a help page to v22 with a list of data sources and their schema:
  • Unified timetable view for teachers

    Hi Paul, great to hear you're finding the timetable flexible enough for your needs. It can often be daunting at first, because the flexibility adds some complexity, but it really does enable a wide range of possible timetables.

    There isn't currently a unified way to view different timetables together, because different timetables can have widely different day structures, there's no simple way to overlap them. There is a timetable switcher which lets teachers look between the timetables.

    Using one timetable would help alleviate this issue. If you're using attendance by class, and the same class is timetabled multiple times in a day, luckily the attendance only needs taken once for that class. Lesson plans on the other hand are tied to a specific period, but the work around is for teachers and students to become familiar using the first period of a block of two/three to store lesson plans. They're easy to see because those periods will have a green checkmark. Ideally, if the day structures are the same, then using the same timetable does make life easier.

    Hope this helps!