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  • I am also interested in changing the phone number display preferences. I would like to see (555) 555-5555 to match phone numbers in the US. Has that library been able to offer the options? Thanks, Kevin
  • Problem solved! I don't know why, but the -u option in my rsync command was causing the problem. When I ran rsync -va instead of -vua, everything ran fine. My installation is now at 17.0.00 and my database updated without any problems at all. Than…
  • Not a problem, Ross. The "dry run" return is because I ran the rsync command as a dry run (-vuan) before running it for keeps (-vua). The "operation not permitted" is because I didn't initially run the command as a superuser. They do seem good avenu…
  • Here's what I got today. This isn't what I remember returning the last time I tried, but I haven't been able to reproduce that. I've tried a few variations with trailing / (on dry runs), but I'm just not clear what is happening. Your thoughts are…
  • My footer shows v15.0.00, and version php shows the same (I opened it in the command line--it won't open in my browser). Force reset in my browser didn't work either. I followed all the command line instructions from your updating guide and they al…
  • To be clear, I ran the command line instructions from https://docs.gibbonedu.org/administrators/getting-started/updating-gibbon/ as well. No luck either. I refresh the update page, but it doesn't seem to notice the new files. It just says exactly wh…
  • That makes sense. Is there a way to display them when a student clicks on the class in the timetable? That wouldn't be as messy and would help a lot. Thanks, Ross.
  • That works like a dream--thanks, Ross!
  • I actually got it figured out, Sandra, but thanks again for being willing to help!
  • I tried this out and got the return that included my custom field, but it also included all blank cells from other rows in the table. I just copied and pasted, so I'm not sure what went wrong. I'm also trying to figure out the syntax to join this q…
  • I'm just using this query for now, Ross, but it doesn't give me class times or room numbers. SELECT preferredName, surname, gibbonCourse.name AS course, gibbonCourseClass.name AS class FROM gibbonPerson JOIN gibbonCourseClassPerson ON (gibbonCourse…
  • Fantastic--thank you so much for this walk through of the process!
  • And I would also like to attach room numbers to each class! I'm just asking for the moon here.
  • While messing around, I figured out how to get full course and class names, so that part is now solved. Still need to know how to get class times attached to my query.