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  • PHP: Add nameInCharacters to SearchCriteria

    Hi ub123,

    If you open the file src/Domain/User/UserGateway.php you'll see an array at the top of the class called $searchableColumns. If you add nameInCharacters to this array, you should see that this field is now searchable.
  • Grade Scale and Overall Meanscore

    Hi Kelvin,

    The following syntax may help. It can be added near the top of your template so that you can output it later in the template text. For the course mean, replace the key "COURSE" with the short name of the course (which can be done inside your main assessments loop). It turns out Twig's associative array indexing syntax is a bit odd, hence the merge in there.
    {% set total = 0 %}
    {% set totalArray = [] %}

    {% for assessment in internalAssessment %}

    {% set total = total + assessment.attainmentValue|number_format %}

    {% set courseTotal = totalArray[assessment.courseNameShort] %}
    {% set totalArray = totalArray|merge({ (assessment.courseNameShort) : courseTotal + assessment.attainmentValue|number_format}) %}

    {% endfor %}

    Mean: {{ total / internalAssessment|length }}

    Course Mean: {{ totalArray["COURSE"] / 3 }}
  • Multiple Terms in one Report

    Hi Qualitymix,

    I've added some new reports templates in the following PR:

    If you download the files included in the PR and apply upload them to your system, they should be backwards compatible. To do so, click ... and View File, then Raw, and then save the file. Then, go to Template Builder > Manage Assets > Scan Asset Directories. When you go into a template you have created and you should see a new Courses by Cycle option.

    The new template and data source will let you display grades from previous cycles side-by-side. Comments are always from the current cycle.

    You can edit these templates by placing them in a /sources/ or /templates/ folder inside your Custom Asset Path, which you can find or change in the Report Settings. Then scan your assets again to detect the new files.
  • Page Border in Reports

    Hi Kelvin,

    This can be a bit tricky, because there's no body tag on the PDF. If you're using the mPDF Renderer it is possible. If you add the following snippet to your header, it will add a floating border to the whole page (absolutely positioned). It needs to be on the header so that it doesn't wrap from one page to the next. Adjust the border and size as needed:
    <div style="position: absolute; top: 5mm; left: 5mm; width: 200mm; height: 287mm; border: 2pt solid #666666;"></div>