SMS with login details

Hi folks,

We do have parents who are not familiar with email. They may submit one that is not really used.

I was wondering if it would make sense to send parents the login details via SMS as well?

We also have cases where parents are calling in, asking for their login details but not using email. What if we could then send an SMS with new login details?

What are your thoughts on that?

Kind regards,


  • Hi Roman, this definitely sounds like a worthwhile feature, and I can see the benefit for those schools who do set up with an SMS gateway. The challenge for us right now is resources: we are tied up rolling out v18, and for v19 we already have a range of targets that we will have to stretch to meet. Is this a feature that you, or anyone you know, could look to build? Thanks, Ross.
  • Hi Ross,

    I’m suggesting we could add this feature to Other> Messenger> Manage Messages> Send Login Details

    The admin/staff will be able to select a single user with status full to reset and send the login details by email and/or SMS.

    A new notification could be issued in this case I guess.

    Does this approach make sense? More ideas?

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Roman, that could definitely work, yes. Or it could be done from Admin > User Admin > Manage Users > Reset User Password. This might make more sense, as the password are hashed in the database, and so to SMS the password you'd have to reset it. The other option is to build it into the Forget Password? page, but then this is public, and so might end up costing more in SMS fees. Thanks, Ross.
  • Hi Ross,

    “Manage Users” was on my list. The issue here is that in our setup, access to that part is very restricted. Only Admins can go there and I want “normal” staff to handle this. Could there still be a way maybe by introducing some granular stuff?

    The public-Option is definitely a no-go for me for the reasons mentioned.

    Currently I’m still in favor of the messenger. Not happy yet tho.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Roman,

    The permissions system is pretty granular, you can give users access to a single action in the User Admin module without giving them access to the rest of the module.

    I think it sounds like a user-related feature, so putting it in this module could possibly make sense for the wider number of schools using Gibbon. You could potentially tweak an action manually in your database to relocate it if needed for your particular school.
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