Invoice /statements

We need statements for our invoices and are available to pay for a developer to help us develop a module in Finance.
Is there any one willing to work with us to develop a statement module for invoices?


  • Dear JohnShaw,
    The perfect developer for you required work is Mr. Andy Statham.
    You can contact him at

    Best Regards,

  • @JohnShaw we would be willing to share the cost of what you get as we also need a finance module a bit more complete than the one offered. Perhaps we could share our thoughts on what we both need(which might be very similar) and go from there? Just a thought.
    Didier BC from Antigua
  • @JohnShaw...following up to my earlier post, what we need is a full receivable module really. my email is (just in case).
  • @DidierBC that sounds good, i am busy understanding how the current functionality works. I cannot see how the receipts get from the bank statement on to a schedule in Gibbon, i will reply in a few days .
    We would like all invoicing and receipts managed in Gibbon producing a monthly statement.

    We want to be able to take a csv file from the bank statement and upload everyday.
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