Customize email and SMS footer

In the Messenger module, there is no option customize the standard signature and "Email sent via ..." line.
It would be a really handy addition if we could customize that in an easier way than modifying the code B)

Or am I missing something? (Happens often)


  • Urko,

    Sorry for the delay in replying to this: I never go the email notification (spam filter I think), and just saw it in Recent Discussions now.

    You did not miss anything, that option does not exist, but it would be nice. I have added it to the v14 todo list as item 4. I will update this thread when the feature is ready.


  • Hey, no worries.
    Who knows. Maybe by then I am in shape to work on it myself! A man can hope!
  • I am also waiting for this feature edit email or Bulk SMS footer that help us to be more creative with our approach.
  • Hi Urko and Natasha, unfortunately we have not had the resources to implement your requested feature. Our focus for v14, released today, has been on improvements to the back-end of Gibbon to help with the modernization and future development of the codebase. We have added this to the v15 board:

    (This is something my school has requested as well, so there's a high probability of it being included in v15. Give a shout if it's something you do hope to develop, always happy to collaborate and code contributions are most welcome :smiley: )
  • It would be an extremely helpful expansion on the off chance that we could alter that in a less demanding path than changing the code with Bulk SMS footer to be more creative approach.
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