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The logo image of the reports that has been send out didnt show up. How can I fix that? Thanks.


  • Hi manut,

    If you're sending from a test installation, then the logo resides on you local server and is not accessible to the outside internet. On a live server you should see this image. However, even on a live server gmail will occasionally block images in emails, in this case look for the banner at the top to accept the display of images.

    Hope this helps!
  • Manut,
    Check the suggestions Sandra gave first, and if that doesn't help, let me suggest another possibility. I notice the line that reads "Email sent via Gibbon at GibbonEdu." Is it possible you have the settings in Gibbon for the address of your email server set to a GibbonEdu machine rather than your school's server?
    -- Glenn
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