Page Border in Reports

Hello members

Is there a way to include visible page border(in the whole template) when designing the reports template?
if yes, how....?

Kindly any help would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Kelvin,

    This can be a bit tricky, because there's no body tag on the PDF. If you're using the mPDF Renderer it is possible. If you add the following snippet to your header, it will add a floating border to the whole page (absolutely positioned). It needs to be on the header so that it doesn't wrap from one page to the next. Adjust the border and size as needed:
    <div style="position: absolute; top: 5mm; left: 5mm; width: 200mm; height: 287mm; border: 2pt solid #666666;"></div>
  • Hi Sandra
    Thank you for the above...

    After adding the snippet to edited logo component somehow I cant see the logo but the boarder line is perfectly visible.
    I have tried to change several settings but still logo and some details can't be visible
  • Hi Kelvin,

    Are you using the mPDF Renderer for your template? The TCPDF Renderer unfortunately doesn't handle absolutely positioned elements. Otherwise, feel free to share your updated template code.
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