The Markbook "Enter Marks" page not displaying properly right after import, but eventually does

I am importing Markbook Columns into the Gradebook. My Import file is attached. Initially when I go to grade I see this:

and eventually after clicking around a submitting a couple times I get this: (which is what I want to see from the start).

What could the problem be? I'm using Attainment Total Mark of 10 and expect to see what's in the second image first.


  • Be sure to set the Attainment Total Mark in the markbook column first, then submit. Then when you go into Enter Data you should see both columns.
  • I have the value set (to 10 in my case) in the Attainment Total Mark column of my import csv
  • Hi Tieku, I think I see where the issue may be. There is a yes/no flag that controls whether the Attainment Total Mark is active, so you'd need to make sure to import both columns to enable the total mark via a spreadsheet:

  • This appears to have fixed it. Thanks
  • But then I do not see how to import the Term information?

    And what does the Date under TERM DATE represent?
  • If you have the "Group Columns by Term" setting enabled, the date helps determine which term the column falls under.
  • Can I import the term (Term 1, Term 2, Term 3), or the date, or that’s done manually after the import?
  • You should be able to just import the date and it will make the term delineations in the interface based off that date.
  • Is the the “Date Added” column?
  • Is that the “Date Added“ column?
  • Yep, the Date Added column would be the one used to determine which term the markbook column falls under.
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