Daily Summary of Billing/Invoice Collections

Good Day Admin!

First, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and overwhelming appreciation for this school management system as it addresses hundreds of clerical activities that are previously done manually.

I am now on the Billing Module and one thing I am searching for is the summary of Billing/Invoice collections for the day. Our accounting office has 2 cashiers and sometimes 3 during a few days prior to Term Exams, receiving payments and issuing of receipts. Thus, each cashier is required to present a summary of their collections for review and checking purposes if their cash on hand matches with the summary of collections for the day.

Is there a way that this feature can be generated through PDF or exportable to excel?
Data would include:

Cashier’s Name: _____________________ DATE: _________________
1. Student Name – Schedule – Invoice Issue Date – Invoice Number – Amount
2. Student Name – Schedule – Invoice Issue Date – Invoice Number – Amount
And so on….
Total Collection ___________

Again, thank you in advance.


  • Hi Rady,

    This looks like something that is possible through the Query Builder module. If you have some familiarity with SQL, it's possible to create a query to export columns as spreadsheet data. I don't use the finance module myself, so I don't have a lot of data to test this with, but here's a query that may get you started:
    SELECT gibbonPerson.surname, gibbonPerson.preferredName, gibbonFinanceBillingSchedule.name as `Schedule`, gibbonFinanceInvoice.invoiceIssueDate as `Invoice Issue Date`, gibbonFinanceInvoice.gibbonFinanceInvoiceID as `Invoice ID`, gibbonPayment.status as `Payment Status`, gibbonPayment.amount as `Amount` 
    FROM gibbonFinanceInvoice 
    JOIN gibbonFinanceInvoicee ON (gibbonFinanceInvoice.gibbonFinanceInvoiceeID=gibbonFinanceInvoicee.gibbonFinanceInvoiceeID)
    JOIN gibbonPerson ON (gibbonFinanceInvoicee.gibbonPersonID=gibbonPerson.gibbonPersonID)
    LEFT JOIN gibbonFinanceBillingSchedule ON (gibbonFinanceInvoice.gibbonFinanceBillingScheduleID=gibbonFinanceBillingSchedule.gibbonFinanceBillingScheduleID)
    LEFT JOIN  gibbonPayment ON (gibbonFinanceInvoice.gibbonPaymentID=gibbonPayment.gibbonPaymentID)
    WHERE gibbonFinanceInvoice.status LIKE 'Paid%'
    ORDER BY gibbonFinanceInvoice.paidDate
  • Oh! Great!

    I already made a few sample Billings and I was able to go through the steps.
    Now I can experiment with this. Big-Big-Big HELP indeed!

    Again... thank you very much for open source system like this.

    Rady Jacer
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