Markbook showing class full name instead of short name

Showing the full class name in report may be better, esp parents and students, not knowing what the short name stands for


  • I think those in parenthesis (ELEMENTARY ENGLISH) is the Full name of the Class/Subject.
    It can be discussed during the Student/Parents Orientation, to avoid confusion.
  • Not really, those in parenthesis is the full name of the course, not the class. In the above example, the course the Elementary English (EEN) while the class is TEST1 (short name). I am showing the screenshot a real course and class in this reply, the course is still EEN, but the class is "Grade 1B Super Minds 1", short name (G1BSM1). As you can see from the markbook, parents only know its an English course, but difficult to tell which class it is.




  • @garyc
    There must be a purpose (programming/coding) why "Short Name" has to be used instead of the Full name.

    In my case, I made trials and experimentations, and come up to my own "short name" coding as well. Like the following

    1ENGLA = English Language for grade 1
    1ENGRE = English Reading for grade 1
    ( i place 1 as prefix since Subjects/Courses are arranged alphabetically.

    Now we have 7 Claases/Sections in Grade 1. So i coded it this way:


    To identify that English Language Grade 1 Cleass 01 up to Class 07.

    Hope this helps :D
  • These subject and Class coding can be explained during Parents Orientation at astart of School Year. This can also be written on the students' Diaries for quick reference.
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