Question regarding „Sync Course Enrolment“ I

Hi Ross,

This is a new option that I haven't seen before. It looks very interesting!

I haven’t understood yet, why there is the need to sync the course enrolment of students.

E.g. we offer courses which depend on the ease of a student for a particular subject, e.g. english. Some students simply perform generally better than others. Roll group 1 is generally made up of those students and we assign some courses of higher level to these. Anyway, it happens quite often that a student finds it a bit difficult to follow the higher level course and we then reassign him to the standard level course.

How is syncing coming in here? Wouldn’t it mess up our course enrolments?

Kind regards,


  • Hi Roman, I designed the sync feature so I’m happy to help answer your questions.

    In some schools, especially the younger grades, students take courses together as a form group. In these cases, the feature lets you setup a sync to say “Enrol every Gr5.1 student in Gr5Language.1, Gr5Science.1, Gr5Math.1, etc” The sync is selective, so it won’t mess up your courses, it’ll only apply the sync to the selected classes/form groups, and (unless auto-enroll is turned on), it’ll only sync when you click the action. On the sync screen you have the option to preview the students and classes being synced before submitting.
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