How to install Query Builder on Gibbon v17?

Hi folks,

I tried to install the latest version of "Query Builder", which is v1.5.03 on Gibbon v17.

I put the module folder "Query Builder" as usual in the modules folder but nothing shows up in "Manage Modules".

Could it be that it is no longer compatible?

How can I fix this?

Kind regards,


  • Hi Roman,

    In recent versions uninstalled modules show up in a separate table, under the installed modules. Have you tried scrolling right down to the end of the page?


  • Hi Ross,

    Yeah, I figured that. Could it be a problem related to Gibbon v17? Maybe a bug?

    In my setup all modules are listed under “orphaned modules” and none under “installed”.

    I have attached a screenshot.

    Kind regards,

  • Hmm, this is unusual. It looks like it's seeing the modules in your database but isn't reading them in the modules folder. Perhaps check the file permissions of those folders?
  • Hi Sandra,

    Your hint helped me to fix the issue!

    Apparently it was related to my Installation on Windows specifically Wamp.

    The problem was related to the field absolutePath in table gibbonSetting.

    I was using value “C:\wamp\www\core-17.0.00”, which was set when installing Gibbon v17.

    Unfortunately this resulted in an empty array $moduleFolders in file “module/systemAdmin/module_manage.php” causing the problem.

    With a little tweaking in my virtualBox setup I was able to make it work using value “//vboxsrv/virtualboxshared/core-17.0.00”.

    Thanks for your support!

    Kind regards
  • Glad to hear you got it working! I wonder if this would affect all wamp users, or just something unique to your setup.
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