How to detect user type and add an item to menu?

I was looking for an opensource school system, and your system seems perfect to use, thanls for your efforts:)
I have 2 simple questions:
- How can I detect the user tyeps if i is student or teacher, etc...?
- How can I add an item to the menu/submenu?
- Thanks


  • Hi Hassan, welcome to the Gibbon community :smiley:

    Gibbon handles users of different types by assigning them a Role, managed in User Admin. There are Student and Teacher roles in the system by default, which you can assign when creating and editing users.

    Items in the menu are directly related to Modules installed in Gibbon, under System Admin > Manage Modules. You can change the top-level menus by editing the modules. To add new menu items you could install new modules (from the Extend page) or even develop your own module.

    Be sure to check out the docs for more info to get started:
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