Timetable course requests

Allowing students to request/register for courses by looking up the course id would be a great feature to have in Gibbon.


  • Hi William, welcome to the Gibbon community :smiley:

    Can you share a bit more detail about what the workflow might look like for requesting courses? I have a course selection module in the works, it's not ready for release yet but it'd be great to consider many different requirements as I work on it.

  • Hi Sandra,

    A possible workflow could be...

    Students requests courses from the student portal -> Administrator runs the "scheduler", which attempts to place students in the requested courses -> If the scheduler ran into any problems, it lists the errors.
  • Hi William,

    Yep, that sounds pretty much how my course selection works. It works on a few levels: defining course offerings, letting students select their courses, optionally approving their selections, and then running the selections through a timetabling engine that tries to come up with the best-fit for each student. Admin can adjust some of the weightings, favoring filling classes vs balancing them, balancing genders, etc. I have a bit of work to finish on it yet, but if you'd be interested in testing it let me know.
  • Hi Sandra,

    I'd be interested in testing it out. Where can I find it?
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