Behaviour report

Is there a way to generate a behaviour report and print it. I know you can right click on the page and print the entire page in google chrome but besides that.


  • marleymusic, Gibbon is designed to, where possible, replace paper based systems. As such, there are many areas of the system where printing is not a direct option. In some places, just emergency contact lists, application form summaries, printing may be unavoidable...however, I am loath to add it more widely, as it creates a temptation to commit more things to paper. One option could be to suck your data out and use a mail merge to present and print.

    Check out the Query Builder module on our Extend page: once you have a (currently free) license, you can run an SQL query from its library in order to extract behaviour records.
  • how do i get a license?
  • edited February 2017
    Email with your full name and school name, and we will issue the license.
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