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  • Gibbon installation for one school with 7 locations

    Thank you Admin i am hopeful that @trains5390 might come up with something, while we await @sandra for her response.

    i am really keen on making a solution for this, It would really help.

    thank you everyone. GIBBON is a life saver
  • Change Time-Duration in Home Page Timetable.

    Hi @mrbronz, just FYI, Roman (meierrom) is a volunteer doing his best to help users of Gibbon. It's really hard to find people as dedicated and helpful as Roman, so please help keep our community welcoming and positive.

    I can definitely see the use of having the times displayed as you've mocked up, but I'm not sure anyone on our core team will have time to make the change. In short, we've got very limited resources, and they are trained on some existing priorities for v19. If, as Roman suggested, you'd like to try and hack together a solution, we'd happily look to accept it into the system.


  • Difference between internal and external Assessment

    Hi ub123,

    An external assessment is something standardized, generally created by an external organization or company, such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP), General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), Cognitive Assessment Test, Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test.

    An internal assessment is something that is created and administered inside the school, but it can also be used for IB assessments such as predicted grades. For the most part, the setup of both of these types of assessment are controlled by an admin.

    The markbook on the other hand is for teachers to enter any kind of course-related assessment, and is setup and managed by the teacher.
  • Attendance taken by some else

    I will do this as soon as I can get around to doing it


  • Time table admin, User Admin System admin Missing under the admin section for Admin user

    Can you please start a new discussion with the question regarding planner? :)
  • new install not working

    Hi Mike,

    "Your request failed because you do not have access to this action." generally indicates that you've used the back button at some point, which invalidates the installer, in order to try and avoid more serious errors. If this is the case, then start the installer afresh by going back to your Gibbon absolute URL in your browser.