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  • Gibbon installation for one school with 7 locations

    Thank you Admin i am hopeful that @trains5390 might come up with something, while we await @sandra for her response.

    i am really keen on making a solution for this, It would really help.

    thank you everyone. GIBBON is a life saver
  • Problem logging in with Google

    What version of Gibbon are you using and what server are you running it on? I recently worked with Ross to update the login with Google code. 

    I suspect there is either a problem with caching or a problem with the  depreciation of Google APIs that the code pre Gibbon V11 was using. 

    There is a remote possibility that it could be connected with setting of Base URL and Base Path but I am not sure if this could be causing the issue you are describing. Could you  check that the Base Url and Base Path in system settings under the menu Admin > System Admin match your site url. I found that on a Mac Server that there were problems if the case was incorrectly entered eg. http://www.MyGibbonSite/Gibbon instead of http://www.mygibbonsite/gibbon.

    Hope this helps. 
  • A database connection could not be established. Please try again.

    hi Nagrohith

    did you create Database user and assign password on mysql ? if not  first create user on mysql as Localhost, and give full permission to that user. 
    if you have install database server other that localhost then check the firewall rules perhaps blocking the port that require to establish connection. 
    thanks. Good Luck,