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  • new install not working

    Hi Mike,

    "Your request failed because you do not have access to this action." generally indicates that you've used the back button at some point, which invalidates the installer, in order to try and avoid more serious errors. If this is the case, then start the installer afresh by going back to your Gibbon absolute URL in your browser.


  • Logo

    Yes, there is a setting in Admin > System Admin where you can add a path to a new logo: before that, just upload your logo, correctly formatted to your server (400 x 100px is the expected size.)
  • fa and sa assessment

    Hi Sandeep,
    Ross says he has patchy network connection at the moment. I am wondering if you could use the external assessment area to record these marks? You can set up external assessments under the school admin area and assign them to year levels. Please let me know if this is a reasonable solution.