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  • Attendance taken by some else

    I will do this as soon as I can get around to doing it


  • periodic sessions

    arrr yes ...

    Thank you
  • IB Diploma

    Hi Orlando,
    CAS staff (Advisors for their assigned students, and Coordinators for all students) should be able to input data into the interview tabs when viewing the individual students' details (CAS > Advise CAS Students > Details). Do make sure that the staff member is assigned either the Coordinator or Advisor Role (Admin > Manage Staff CAS), and that the student is properly enrolled in the Diploma Programme (Admin > Manage Student Enrollment) and assigned the correct Advisor. If this doesn't solve your issue adequately, could you provide more details as to what's wrong?

    As per the other tabs, it has been intentionally designed such that staff can't input data for student Reflections or Commitments (Overview), as this is work that the IB dictates should be done by the students themselves, is there a specific reason why you would want this option enabled?

  • Gibbon v18.0.00 Red Font Colour

    Thanks that worked and sorry for the late reply :)
  • Email Notifications upon Account Approval via Public Registration

    Hi Roman, you are right that this would be a very useful feature. Sadly, when I built Public Registration it was for a pretty specific workflow, and that did not include approval. I had time to add approval, but not to flesh it out to this level of detail. Cheers, Ross.
  • Cumulative grade not match with Percent Equivalent in Excel computation

    @sandra please could you look into this one for Rady? Thanks!
  • Problems with address field

    If you look inside the core-18.0.01 folder you have, you should see the contents are very similar to the root of your Gibbon install. The contents of the core-18.0.01 folder, not the folder itself, need to be copied into your Gibbon root, which will overwrite files in your root with the updated files for v18.0.01
  • Difference between internal and external Assessment

    Hi ub123,

    An external assessment is something standardized, generally created by an external organization or company, such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP), General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), Cognitive Assessment Test, Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test.

    An internal assessment is something that is created and administered inside the school, but it can also be used for IB assessments such as predicted grades. For the most part, the setup of both of these types of assessment are controlled by an admin.

    The markbook on the other hand is for teachers to enter any kind of course-related assessment, and is setup and managed by the teacher.
  • Free Learning Certificate Template

    Interesting. An if-else would certainly be a straight-forward approach. You'll probably want to keep your modified code somewhere separate (such as in a GitHub fork), so you could merge it into any future Free Learning versions.
  • Include Additional Tab in the Student Dashboard

    Hi betasystem101,

    It looks like there is a hook for the parent dashboard but not the student dashboard. This may be a good place to start, if you were looking to modify the code. If you do, feel free to PR the result to share these changes back with other users.