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  • addNumber breaks liveValidation in some cases

    Hi Roman,

    I tested out your code and discovered the error luckily isn't with LiveValidation, which as you noted seems to be working and prevents submission, but happens to be a css rule that was added to help fix an issue with overlapping validation messages inside a phone number:
    input[name*="phone"] ~ .LV_invalid

    Incidentally, the Form class does have specialized phone number inputs for this case, rather than using addNumber('phone'). As it so happens, we've made some pretty major changes to the form rendering in v18, and this issue appears to no longer exist for the upcoming version.

  • Little bug when accepting a 'Personal Data Update' with a 'Custom Field'

    Hi Sandra,

    Fix works like a charm! Thanks so much!

    Kind regards,
  • Little bug when accepting a 'Personal Data Update' with a 'Custom Field'

    Hi Roman,

    Thanks for catching this bug. In this case, it looks like submitting the form multiple times had the potential to erase the custom field data for a user that was not included in the update, so well caught! I've applied a fix in the v18 branch, which you can see here, feel free to apply it back to your codebase:

  • Cutoff date in data update settings

    Yep, this sounds like normal behaviour, the goal for the redirect is to encourage all users to update their data. If they've never submitted an update then they'll be redirected along with any users who haven't submitted one after the cutoff.
  • Omnipay gateway module

    Hi Ibraheem, I've never gotten to the bottom of it, but notifications on this forum are not 100% consistent. I'll try and take a look in the coming week. In the meantime, I've just seen and replied to your email. Welcome to the team! Ross.
  • Polish Language Issue

    Hi sorry for late replay i was away... i'll look into it as soon as possible as i am away....
    I'll keep you posted
  • A database connection could not be established .

    Hi diptiranjan, the MySQL username and password to use here will be set during the XAMPP install. The username is most likely root, and from what I've read online the password is set to blank, which Gibbon does not allow. I suggest you look at how to change your XAMPP MySQL root password. Good luck!
  • Gibbon 17 Not Loading (Complete Non-functionality)

    Hi ErnestP,

    Yes, Gibbon version 17 requires a minimum of PHP version 7.0, be sure to check the PHP version that your new server is running.

    If you have FTP access to your server, you can install older versions without using Softaculous, by following the standard install instructions. It's recommended to run the latest version though, if possible. All Gibbon releases are available through GitHub.

    Hope this helps!
  • Naming of ”Canned Response”

    The world is a big place, I think any chosen terminology is bound to have various meanings to different people. Luckily there's string replacement, so you can fine-tune the terminology in your system to what works for your needs :smiley:
  • How to personalize messages?

    Hi Roman, you are right, this would be a lovely feature, and actually not too hard to implement, as the Read Receipt part of Messenger already uses a short code with string replacement. However, at the moment we are flat out working on v18, and don't want to take our eye off the ball. Is this something you would be interested to code up and contribute? Thanks, Ross.